Mindfulness Festival is postponed for the 2018 season.

stay tuned for the event in april of 2019!

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The bells of mindfulness are sounding. All over the Earth, we are experiencing floods, drought, and massive wildfires. Sea ice is melting in the Arctic, and hurricanes and heat waves are killing thousands. The forests are fast disappearing, the deserts are growing, species are becoming extinct every day, and yet we continue to consume, ignoring the ringing bells. All of us know that our beautiful green planet is in danger. Our way of walking on the Earth has a great influence.”   -Thich Nhat Hanh

When you sit with the knowledge of species extinction, nuclear waste, and climate change… Do you feel a sense of urgency, concern, despair?  Do you feel sad, angry or numb? Our natural, emotional responses, without mindfulness, can lead us into reactivity or paralysis.  Science tells us we are facing unprecedented global challenges. Science also tells us there are other options- even solutions.  
Why are we still on the path of destruction?  Imagine if humanity brought mindfulness into our relationship with the Earth. Imagine if we were able to cultivate the collective potential of human creativity in our response to the crises we face. Join Megan Toben for this participatory address where we will explore mindfulness in our relationship with Earth, and how simple practices can bring clarity and inspiration to our environmental work on behalf of the future.

Megan Toben and her brilliant husband Tim co-created The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain as a learning center for nature connection & creative action with the mission of “Healing the Human-Earth Relationship.” Megan has twenty years of experience as an environmental educator, and eleven as a mother, during which time she has started most every day in silent morning prayer by the water’s edge. Megan’s love & respect for the waters of the world led her to North Dakota last winter to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Megan and her husband Tim raise their children on their organic farm, homeschooling with a special focus on Nature and Community. Their children knew how to identify edible mushrooms, harvest from the garden and catch chickens before kindergarten. In 2015, Megan was honored with the Piedmont Environmental Leadership Award. Her love for art, ceremony, Earth, and humanity inspire her to offer sanctuary of deep renewal to all who are working for the healing of our world.