Sundance Solar

Proudly voted WNC’s #1 Alternative Energy Company every year, Sundance Power Systems brings experience and integrity to residential and commercial solar, wind and micro-hydro projects. Family-owned, local, and committed to community and sustainability. Sundance's Solar Powered Trailer will be powering our main stage this year!

The Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts

Elevated Holistic Health Services Rooted in Ancient Appalachia

The Guild is a Local Healing Arts studio in Downtown Asheville, specializing in Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Thai Yoga bodywork, Holistic Health Coaching, & More. The Guild will be offering complimentary massage to all participants between noon and 5pm!

Our mission is to build a worker-owned cooperative that bands individual practitioners together to further our Art through cooperation over competition. We provide a marketing and branding platform, holistic business coaching, and collaboration opportunities for local area practitioners. Through events and outreach, we provide holistic health services and education to our communities for the benefit of all.

The Wandering Swordsmen Boffing Zone

Battle with or against your friends and family using fully padded and safety tested boffer gear! The Wandering Swordsmen provides professional gear and instruction for how to play one of the newest and fastest growing sports in the country, known by many names but generally called boffing. All kinds of different gear are provided including swords, shields, spears, and arrows, and many different games will be played including capture the flag, monarch battles, and bridge battles! There will be battles for all ages and also for adults only.

Phil Ferguson is the leader of The Wandering Swordsmen, an organization dedicated to the facilitation and growth of padded full contact combat sports, also known as boffing. He started training in boffer swordplay in 2006, started the Asheville team and community in 2011, and has been teaching professionally since February 2014. Currently he teaches at many schools and festivals around Asheville, as well as weekly by donation at Carrier Park on Sundays, and travels to national events to compete numerous times throughout the year. His goal is to travel the world with The Wandering Swordsmen to help professionalize the sport, while using his training methods to teach people how to engage in compassionate combat, and by doing so help humanity learn how to resolve conflict more effectively.

Full Circle Flow Zone

Welcome to the FLOW ZONE! Presented by - Full Circle Flow Arts - River and Julia McDowell

Embrace your child-like learning nature and come play! See how movement and flow can increase your mental and physical stamina as well as happiness and attitude towards life. The Flow Zone is an interactive free-form play ground where you can try out a flow-tool like a Hoop, Staff, or Poi without time restraints, pressure or obligation. We can also offer on-the-spot free-form beginner instruction that is fun, exciting, and informative because it’s customized to you. So let go of your hesitation and come enjoy how good it can feel to dance and play in the Flow Zone


Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Slack-Librium is an educational organization whose mission centers on building community and instilling positive cultural change through slackline & mindfulness instruction. We teach balance - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Offering programming at schools, camps, festivals and events across the country, we aim to make this education accessible to everyone.    Since our formation in 2013, we have watched thousands of participants engage with the slackline and experience for themselves; relaxation, concentration, balance, patience, and success. Similarly, we've watched mindfulness education completely transform the environment of classrooms, meetings, discussions and workshops, instilling values of compassion, empathy, deep listening, and present-moment awareness. We truly believe in the power of slacklining and mindfulness education to produce positive, long-lasting changes in individuals and in culture.   Beginning with ourselves, our friends, and our local community, we hope to eventually see this education spread throughout the globe. In addition to providing workshops at public and private events, Slack-Librium aims to create sustainable programs and models that can act as long-term resource providers for communities. Our organization was founded on the principle of service and we exist, above all, for the benefit of our community. Step into Slack-Librium. Don't be shy.