Midnight Snack

Immediately following graduation from college in Boston, the five members of art-pop band Midnight Snack hit the road in 2014 for an autumn of touring. With them, they took the additional goal of finding a place to call home given their new freedom, and by the spring of 2015 the group had moved to Asheville, NC. They’ve since settled into a shared house, constructed a studio, and most recently have completed work on their newest album. Child’s Eyes is the third full-length from the project started by brothers Jack Victor (vocals, drums) and Mike Henry Johnson (guitar/synth) before their enrollment in college. Through the addition of classmates Peter Brownlee (bass) and Zack Kardon (guitar) - as well as old friend, Katie Richter (vocals, trumpet) - Midnight Snack have developed a varied and eclectic sound, this latest offering the most personal and introspective of their lengthy discography.

I, Star

From the heart of Appalachia, I,Star rises… Encompassing a core fusion of husband-wife duo, MC/poet Truth-I Manifest’s potent lyrical flow, and singer/songwriter Aradhana Silvermoon’s angelic melodies- with a stellar band  of multi-instrumentalists’ profoundly funky prowess- I,Star’s performances are a dynamic interplay of hard-hitting poetics weaving between evocative refrains, building to harmonies in the hooks.  Their wholly original “folk-hop” carriage bears powerful and relevant commentary on personal and global spiritual transformation, stewardship of the Earth, social justice, and visionary love.  With soundscapes ranging from simplicity in Aradhana’s acoustic guitar to the complex layers of the band, I,Star inspires listeners to groove deeply and journey into their rich imagery.  Displaying wide, genre-crossing versatility with influences of funk, world, reggae, rock, and electronic styles to accent their folk-hop essence, I,Star’s music has broad appeal to lovers of many flavors.  In the constellation of progressive musical offerings, these luminaries shine brightly.

Window Cat

Inspired by contemporary neo-soul artists like Hiatus Kaiyote, as well the modern, groove-based instrumentals of Snarky Puppy and Vulfpeck, Window Cat’s originative sounds create an energy that listeners can’t help but latch on to. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, the seven piece band is unified by a goal to create innovative, yet palatable, art that can be enjoyed by any audience. Whether you’re a party-all-night-long dancer or a sit-in-the-back chin-scratcher, experiencing these soulful vocal melodies matched with dirty synths, perfectly placed guitar, and tight horn melodies is sure to satisfy your taste for something better than the same old.


Bhakti Viñyāsa Pulse
This session will include an atheist-friendly introduction to the 9 kinds of bhakti, a seemless 45 minutes of flowing vinyasa built upon a steady ujjāyī breath with live music by Ösel.  Our session will conclude after śavāsana with a brief Kīrtan of universal mantras for inner and outer peace.

Ghost Pipe Trio

Ghost Pipe Trio is a classic Jazz trio with with a fresh take on life, music, and beyond. Inspired by Django, Zappa, and Joe Pass, the guitarist Leo Johnson leads the trio through everything from rippin' gypsy swing tunes to smooth crossover Bossa Nova. We believe improvisation is the heart of Jazz and Ghost Pipe Trio feeds the beast.